Witch Wolf

WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM WOLVES? 🐺 As mysterious and beautiful creatures, they represent solitude yet also are strengthened by the pack.

They balance a fierce intelligence with unmistakable instinct. They are both hunters and watchers, and consequently, they have a lot to say about navigating life’s twisting paths. 🌚✨


🎨 Painting by: Seruni Bodjawati. Title: Witch Wolf. Media: Acrylic on Canvas. Size: 61 x 151 cm. Year: 2020. Available.

If you would like to buy this original painting directly from the artistschedule a studio visit to see the artwork in person, order custom art or any business inquiries, please contact +6285602897020 (WhatsApp), send an e-mail to serunibodjawati@gmail.com, or send Direct Message on Instagram @seruni_bodjawati

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