The Butterfly Princess - Lady Diana Spencer

Handmade Collage Artwork & Painting: THE BUTTERFLY PRINCESS 🦋👑 Butterflies live most of their lives being completely ordinary. And then, one day, the unexpected happens.

They burst from their cocoons in a blaze of colors and become utterly extraordinary.

It is the shortest phase of their lives, but it holds the greatest importance. It shows us how empowering change can be. – Kelseyleigh Reber


🎨 Title: The Butterfly Princess (Diana Spencer). Media: hand-cut/analog collage from vintage papers, hand-painted with ink. Year: 2021. 1 Original Work & Limited Edition Prints are available.



- All of my collages are one of a kind.

- Created (hand-cut) from vintage books/very old archives of my private library & hand-painted with ink.

- Each collage has at least 7 books worth of images.

- 1 original work & limited edition prints are available (signed + certificate of authenticity).

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- You will also get my handwritten letter & an exclusive satin mask for every purchase.

- Free worldwide shipping.


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